Six-pack collage of the DC Card Collective members

We are a collective of local greeting card companies. Yes, believe it or not there are several indie greeting card companies that call the District home. We each have a distinct style and view, but we all have our finger on the pulse of the District.  

In normal years, we provide your favorite retail stores with greeting cards to stock their shelves, but social distancing has forced all of our retail partners to shut down their brick and mortar establishments, putting us temporarily out of business and out of reach from our customers. We also attend pop-up markets and events . . . but we are likewise now unable to interact with our customers and friends in this way.

We decided we are not going to let this virus stop us from creating, sharing, and connecting. Much of our work is inspired by lived experiences. Already, many of the DC Card Collective members have created cards that speak to the times we are living in.

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Thank you for visiting our virtual Pop-Up Market and for supporting the DC Card Collective.