Card Challenge

The DC Card Collective challenges YOU to use this unprecedented time to remind people that you are thinking about them, with more than a fleeting text.  We encourage you to focus on people in the various parts of your life that have made you who you are, love you for who you are, give you life, and keep you laughing, and tell them so. 

Each week, we challenge you to send at least one card. Check back often for new suggestions throughout isolation, and tag cards you send and receive through the challenge with #DCCardChallenge and #DCCardCollective on social media.

Here’s who we’re sending cards to each week:

April 19 – April 26:
We’re starting at the beginning and sending a card to childhood friends, our high school crew, and teachers who showed us the way. Join along!

April 27 – May 3:
This week, show your co-workers some (office-appropriate) love. We used to spend 8-10 hours/day with them and our interactions have shifted majorly – send a note and reconnect with your coffee buddy, cubicle mate, mentor, mentee… you know who you are thinking of! Let them know it.

May 4 – May 10:
It’s Public Service Recognition Week! Send a card to your favorite public servant for #PSRW – that’s what we will be doing!

This should be a gimme for the #DCCardCollective #DCcardchallenge. Send a card to your mother-figure… mom, grandma, aunt, sister, dad, neighbor who watched you after school growing up… you know the one!

May 11 – May 17:
The wonderful, essential people who bring us stuff! USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, other couriers, Food and other deliveries – those who are keeping us nourished, stocked, sane, and healthy during this time.

May 18 – May 24
A card is hardly enough, but is sure a great start, to thank all of the nurses, doctors, health care professionals, and hospital staff for the tireless work they do every day. Imagine a week harder than any you have ever had at work – and then imagine doing it wearing full PPE, all day long. Thank you health care workers!

May 25 – May 31
Know who doesn’t get to work from home? Police officers. Send a note to your local station thanking them for putting their lives and health on the line every day, rain, shine, or pandemic.

June 1 – June 7
The previously-unsung heroes on the frontline of a new frontier: grocery store workers. They didn’t sign up for this, for sure, but they are rising to the occasion to keep us fed and innovating along the way. Send a note to your local grocery saying thanks for their tireless efforts.

June 8 – June 14
How come there isn’t a Siblings Day? There is now – a whole week, actually! Send a note to your sib – whether you are close or not, they not only likely have access to embarrassing photos of you, but they understand your family like no one else well. Don’t have siblings to send a card to? How about a close cousin, sorority sister / fraternity brother, or someone else you love like a sib.

June 15 – June 21
Celebrate Father’s Day by sending a card to your dad, grandpa, uncle, father figure, or another favorite person.

June 22 – June 28
You’ve been sharing a wall with them for years – nearly 24/7 for the past four months. Or you’ve been driveway happy hour’ing with them. Neighbors can make or break your home life – tuck a card in their mailbox, with a bottle of wine or delicious treat from a neighborhood favorite bakery.

June 29 – July 5
There’s the family we are born with, and the f*a*m*i*l*y we choose. If you live far from blood relatives, you may know the type. You celebrate holidays together, their kids call you “aunt” or “uncle,” you are just yourself with them. Send your family by choice a card this week.

July 6 – July 11
The last thing anyone needs during the pandemic, sheltering in place, and self-quarantining, is an emergency. Send or bring a card to your local firehouse and EMTs.

July 12 – July 18
July 12 is the birthdate of George Eastman, the founder of Eastman Kodak – and the inventor of roll film. Why not take the opportunity to send a card enclosing some old photos you have (probably tucked away in a shoebox!) to the friends and family in the photos. They will love the surprise.

July 19 – July 25
July 19, 2020, marks 51 years since Apollo 11 circled the moon. The next day, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to land on the moon. Take this opportunity to send a card to someone that has been a pioneer in their own right, someone who you have gone on great adventures with, or someone who loves space (maybe a niece or nephew?).

Check back for more suggestions as we continue to add them. Have a suggestion of your own? Send it in by filling out our contact form.