5 Unexpected Positives that came out of Quarantine

Hey! I’m Diana, the founder and artist behind Teluna. I design hand painted textiles and paper goods that are transformed into stationery, art prints, gifts, and home goods. I also work with clients to create custom pieces for their homes, events, and businesses. You can find all of my products at telunalife.com 

When I’m not running Teluna, I love cooking, gardening, and spending time behind the lifestyle and creative business how-to blog, One Broads Journey

I’m thrilled to be a part of DC Card Collective and hope we can help all of you find the perfect card to stay connected. When asked how the quarantine affected my business, I wanted to go a different decoration than the usual negative feelings. So here are my 5 unexpected positives that came out of quarantine.

1. Getting the chance to work with other creatives

Prime example, the DC Card Collective! While we try our hardest to support each other always, it’s easy to be consumed by our own brands. But this quarantine has brought creative business owners together like never before. It’s a very rare time when we can all sympathize with each other because we’re all going through the same thing.

2. Online sales + Peace of mind

I realized during this quarantine how much I relied on my wholesale shops. This has taught me how quickly my income could disappear and to focus more on my different revenue streams and online sales. 

I’ve had to adapt quickly (just like everyone else) choosing to use my custom textiles to create fabric face masks rather than clutches and pillows. I was very fortunate and thrilled to be able to adjust quickly and jump into helping give people a little peace of mind back during a crazy time. In turn, online sales and customer reach have increased greatly in the last couple months.

3. Connecting with loved ones

Whether it’s family, friends, coworkers, or business partners, I’ve loved the way we all realize how deeply we need that human interaction and connection. Typically our days fly by before we even realize it, leaving little personal or quality time. Now we make sure to plan that weekly happy hour Zoom call with friends. It’s been wonderful not only to catch up more often but really focus more on connecting.

4.Self care

It’s easy as a business owner to always put your business and the businesses needs first. It is our baby after all. Often I feel guilty when I take time to do something for myself during the day. Even during my workouts, I’d realize I wasn’t focusing on myself, I was thinking of all the items on my to do list I should be getting done instead of this workout. This time at home has forced me to take a step back and realize in order for me to give my best as a business owner and boss, I have to feel and be my best personally first. Self care has become a primary daily routine in this household.

5.Time to learn

I finally took the online classes I had been wanting to, and have been taking the time to learn new marketing tools and other business tips. I’ve also taken this time to write more, cook lots of new recipes and test out new art techniques. It’s definitely been a great time for learning.

This has been a really difficult time for businesses, our economy, family, friends and strangers alike. It’s important to focus on the positives. We will get through this. 



What are some of your positives/silver lining during this quarantine?